Breast Enlarge Creams


DR.RASHEL 5 in 1 Breast Enlarge Tightening Big Bust Beauty Chest Breast Nourishing skin Augmentation Massage breast Creams


Brand Dr Rashel
color Purple
Volume 150g
G.W. 240g

Main efficacy:
DR.RASHEL breast enlarging cream worked on developing is a ixture of herbs and natural substances work on enlarge the chest to seem larger in a few weeks.With reaular ue you will notice a chang in the size of the chest to become larger for what it was like .5 in 1Nourishing skin.

After washing the areas to be treated well with water .Apply the right amount of cream by massage it gently until it is absorbed by the skin completely.Preferably use it twice a day ,morning and evening.

Stop use in case of observation any symptoms on the skin .Please keeping the product in a cool place and out of reach of children.